Salty Shoes Winter 2016

August 07, 2016

Welcome to Salty Shoes. A surf lifestyle company. Not perfect but real. No shoes, only salt water and dirt.

The 2016 Winter range did NOT disappoint! We here at Minty Duds continue to froth on the salty goods these guys are sending us. Take a look. 

Marlin Stonewash Longsleeve TeeSalty Shoes - Niiiiiice Stripes Longsleeve T-shirtSalty Shoes - Out The Back Longsleeve T-shirtSalty Shoes - Niiiice Longsleeve T-shirtSalty Shoes - Docklands JacketSalty Shoes - Cowabunga T-shirtSalty Shoes - Round and Round T-shirtSalty Shoes - Eighties HoodieSalty Shoes - Simply Striped T-shirtSalty Shoes - Stonewash Lines Crewneck Sweater

salty shoes.. from Salty Shoes on Vimeo.


'Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.'

The latest Jungles collection subtly references the American psychologist and philosopher Timothy Leary, who was known for radically promoting the idea of thinking for yourself and questioning authority, as well as encouraging the use of psychedelic drugs under controlled conditions. 

Each graphic in this collection subtly touches on these themes of anti-authority and freethinking in a lighthearted way. 

Jungles - One Night OnlyJungles - Removal SpecialistsTune in Drop Out - JunglesOne Night Only Hoodie - JunglesAre We Having Fun Yet - Jungles HoodieAre We Having Fun Yet - Jungles Long SleevePsychic Visions Hoodie - JunglesTune in Drop Out Long Sleeve - JunglesGoing Nowhere Hoodie - Jungles

Five Dope Pin Creators

March 13, 2016

Pins are in. From Simpsons references to tattoo art to much loved junk food, the lapel pin is being reinvented to reflect our sarcastic obsession with pop culture. Here is a list of five pin creators that we can't get enough of:

1. No Fun Press

Proudly claiming to provide quality goods for disgruntled people with discerning tastes, No Fun Press has been promoting bad vibes out of Toronto since 2011. 

No Fun Press - Wacky WavyNo Fun Press - Black PantherNo Fun Press - Flying CashNo Fun Press - Happy PoopNo Fun Press - Fuck OffNo Fun Press - No More Cops

2. Bracelegs Collective

Hailing from no one knows where, Bracelegs Collective turn everyday pleasures and pop culture references into colourful pins that pop. 

Bracelegs Collective - Reptar BarBracelegs Collective - Tape DispenserBracelegs Collective - PantherBracelegs Collective - ChessBracelegs Collective - Popsicle Bracelegs Collective - Match Box

3. Squid Lords

Hailing from Toronto, Squid Lords take themselves not seriously. Designs are inspired by cartoons, graffiti and tattoo art.

Squid Lords - ChewbaccaSquid Lords - WolfSquid Lords - Pigeon RatSquid Lords - West CoastSquid Lords - PigeonSquid Lords - Thug Life

4. Inner decay

Deep, dark and deadly pins out of Canada

Inner Decay - UrnInner Decay - WormholeInner Decay - PillInner Decay - Inner Decay - Lil GhostInner Decay - Cobra


5. Pintrill

Out of Brooklyn, Pintrill's product represents the here and now of NYC. A dope lineup of sneaker pins and plenty of takes on classic street wear labels, Pintrill are obviously inspired by the land the live on. 

Pintrill - Andy Pintrill - AcidPintrill - Milk and CookiesPintrill - Red EnvelopePintrill - DrankPintrill - Cookies and Cream